Why to be a Member of the Marketing and Recruitment Program 2021-2022?

Each year we have over 100 interested students and families wanting us to assist them in finding opportunities to study in North America. We are committed to doing our best to bring our students and our Membership Schools together to find best possible matches for both.


Marketing and promotional assistance

We will be promoting the Membership schools in the meetings with our prospective students and families throughout the year. In addition, we visit local high schools, middle schools, and other educational events, exhibitions and sport events to actively educate people about different opportunities to study abroad. Our Membership Schools are on display at these meetings. By these meetings and our other marketing resources, such as our ongoing webinars, this information is made available to a few thousand prospective students across Scandinavia and other parts of Europe.


Recruitment of prospective students and families

We meet with hundreds of interested students and families seeking information about school options and opportunities abroad throughout the year. For these meetings, marketing material such as brochures, pictures, video links and other material from the Membership schools are very useful.


UP Student Database access

Our Marketing and Recruitment Program grants the Membership Schools with an access to our students’ database with their completed TABS applications and other useful and needed information. The application materials in our database provide a comprehensive student profile with all the same information as in schools’ own admission application forms; transcript translations, teachers’ recommendation letters, language test results, including introduction videos and families’ financial information and ability to pay for school tuition, etc. Database consists of students who are already committed to studying abroad starting the 2021-2022 school year. These students are looking to learn about our Membership Schools so that they can decide which schools to apply to.


Assistance in arranging meetings with students and families in Helsinki, 2021

We will set up an individual one-to-one meetings schedule for Membership Schools before the actual weekend. There will be approximately five to seven scheduled one-to-one meetings for each school with pre-selected prospective students and their parents. These families have also pre-selected each school they are meeting with. In addition to scheduled meetings, each school will have an opportunity to set up additional meetings with any student in our database on Sunday, giving them an opportunity to meet with as many potential students as they wish.

We will also host an Open House day on Sunday for interested students and families, giving them an opportunity to meet with Membership Schools freely. There will be students and families who are already in the database and those not in the database yet as they are still looking for more information. On top of that, we are happy to assist in arranging meetings with our alumni students, so you have a chance to see your previous students from us.



No other commissions or other fees will be charged by UP Global from the Membership Schools except the Marketing and Recruitment Program fee.




  • Marketing and promotional assistance
  • Recruitment of prospective students and families
  • Full UP Student Database access, which includes completed TABS applications for students
  • 5 to 7 personal one-to-one interviews with our pre-selected students and their families on January 15th-17th, 2021 in Helsinki, Finland
  • Assistance in arranging personal meetings with our students and their families on January 15th-17th, 2021 in Helsinki
  • An Open House Day for interested students and families in Helsinki, 2021
  • Assistance in admission process for students and schools

The cost for Program is 7,000 Euros
No other commissions or other fees will be charged by UP Global

Should there be governmental restrictions to gatherings or to travel in January 2021 that prohibit organizing the weekend in Helsinki, the meetings with the potential applicants will be held virtually, organized by UP Global.



Registration information

To begin your registration, please fill out the Inquiry form. The next steps of the registration process and payment methods will be sent to you after the inquiry form has been completed. You may pay the Program cost in full or in installments. The first installment of the program cost, which will be half the total cost, is due upon registration. The second, and final, installment will be invoiced in November 16th, 2020.

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