Helsinki Weekend by UP Global

15th- 17th of January 2021
Helsinki Finland

Our Marketing and Recruitment Program will again be highlighted with an opportunity to meet with our potential students and their families. We are happy to announce that this will take place in Helsinki, Finland, in January 2021.

Our first weekend for such personal meetings took place in Helsinki in January 2018 and it was a great success, as weekends in 2019 ans in 2020 as well. In all years, there were about 40-50 schools visiting Helsinki meeting with our students and their families during the weekend. Our students and their families have been excited to have an opportunity to meet you personally before making their admission decisions. Now we will continue providing this opportunity as a part of our Program for the 2021-2022 school year. As a BIG change for 2020-2021, we limited the amount of school invited and we will continue to limit the number of invited schools in the future, to make it even more productive and successful for those that are participating.

In Helsinki, each Member School attending will have a minimum of five to seven scheduled face to face meetings on Saturday with pre-selected prospective students and their parents. The families you are meeting with on Saturday have also pre-selected your school to meet with. The meeting schedule will be provided to Member schools prior to the weekend in Helsinki.

In addition to these meetings, the school representatives will receive a full access to the UP Global database which contains information about all our student applicants as well as their completed application materials. All of the students in our database have already committed to studying abroad 2021-2022 and are now wanting to know more about their options. In addition to the scheduled meetings on Saturday, each school will have an opportunity to set up additional meetings with any student in our database on Sunday, giving them an opportunity to meet with as many potential students as they wish. The access to the database with the pre-selected applicants will be granted to the Member schools prior to the meetings in Helsinki, which allows the schools to familiarize themselves with the applicants in advance.

From our database, you will be able to review the following application materials for each student: general and background information, applicant questionnaire with short answers and an essay, teacher recommendations, transcripts with English translations, introduction video, photos, student and parent letters, TOEFL Junior score report, family´s financial information and ability to pay for school tuition (SSS by NAIS report). The general information, applicant questionnaire and recommendation forms are identical to the TABS and SAO applications. UP Global database of all the students with completed application parts will be available for the schools a week prior and throughout the weekend.

There will be an Open House Day on Sunday for any interested students and families to meet with Member Schools freely. There will be students and families who are already in the database and those not in the database yet as they are still looking for more information before committing.


Friday 15th

Welcome reception in the evening

Saturday 16th

Scheduled meetings with prospective students and their families
Alumni meetings

Sunday 17th

Open house day – all interested students and families are welcome! This is an open house day also for all interested students and families who are still undecided and not in our database yet.
Casual dinner and sauna in the evening.

Registration information
We will have limited spots available for the Program that includes the weekend in Helsinki. To begin your registration, please fill out the Inquiry form. The next steps of the registration process and payment methods will be sent to you after the inquiry form has been completed. You may pay the Program cost in full, or in installments. The first installment of the program cost, which will be half the total cost, is due upon registration. The second, and final, installment will be invoiced in November 16th, 2020.

We look forward seeing you in Finland in January 2021!

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